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Innovative solutions in data intelligence and data visualization

We make it easy to use data intelligence by simplifying the analysis flow and process for more efficient decision making

Economy, agility, and decision-making power

We facilitate the use of data intelligence and offer a customizable, dynamic, user friendly and a high-impact visual analytics experience. We are a reference in SERVices and softWARE in Data, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Development aimed at solving problems and challenges in different sectors, always offering insights that add value to the business.

With a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team that shares the will to solve challenges, e structure and present data analysis and visualization panels with a modern interface that help you to truly understand the intelligence of your business, as well as with strategic decision-making, providing greater economy, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

Expertise and Proven Experience

Brintell have consolidated work processes, in addition to national and international technical evidence. We are a company focused on delivering business challenges involving innovation, data and technology with several cases implemented, more than 80 thousand hours in analytics and technology projects delivered with software products for data orchestration


Our methodology incorporates the state of the art of data science and technology, delivering a complete solution, resulting in an integrated, automated analytical experience, with a customizable interface, allowing the democratization of data and the optimization of decisions. Our solutions allow access to data, filters, analyses, results, records, and dashboards to be customizable, flexible, and instantaneous.

Requirements Analysis

Survey and analysis of customer information to enable a correct and complete definition of the system or software requirements. This study is essential for the development of technology to be in line with the real needs of the business.

Data Analysis and Analysis Report

We deliver in-depth analysis using data intelligence transforming the information collected into insights for strategic decision making.


We develop prototypes of different types, used for simulations and tests of a product or service before launch. It is a process that involves the client in validating the proposed solution for possible adjustments, ensuring that it meets the needs of the business and the development of the Final Product.


To reach the final result, professionals from different specialties are involved in the implementation of the solution. We use a structuring of the work in stages, involving Data Lake, Lake House, Data Warehouse structuring, data integration, development of crawlers and data robots, in addition to artificial intelligence processes, data analysis, software customizations, among others, considering the best user experience, ensuring a high visual impact delivery, and bringing more efficiency in decision making.

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Satisfaction Index

Through a customer satisfaction survey, we asked through a form how satisfied they would be with our services and services and the possible answers were: (a) Very Satisfied; (b) Satisfied; (c) Indifferent; (d) Little Satisfied; (e) Dissatisfied. Our customers voted 92% for letter (a), 8% for letter (b), the others had no vote, totaling 100% satisfaction.

OBS: The survey was carried out in a confidential way, having only the numbers of companies that responded, without knowing in detail which were specifically.




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NPS Index

NPS is calculated using %PROMOTERS – %DETRACTORS = NET PROMOTER SCORE. Through the following question: from 0 to 10 how much would you recommend Brintell to a relative or friend? Where scores from 0 to 6 are considered detractors, 9 and 10 promoters and 7 to 8 passive, but this is not included in the calculation. The survey was carried out with Brintell customers where 0% were detractors, 0% passive and 100% promoters, that is, all of them gave our services a score between 9 and 10. OBS: The survey was carried out in a confidential way, having only the numbers of companies that responded, without knowing in detail which were specifically.

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